About lacy

Being creative is something that has always come naturally to me. I love all things hands on, and I’m a DIY fanatic. For example, when I graduated from college, I started my own jewelry company called WYNDesigns. Working from my parents’ basement, I created custom brass initial key chains. I’d draw hundreds of initials until I felt I had one that was unique to the customer. At that point, I’d tape the outline to a square piece of brass and with great diligence and patience, I’d cut out the design with a handsaw. I’d finish up by adding a jump ring to the design so that the customer could either use it as a key chain or wear it as a necklace. Inside each gift box was a note that read, “You are all that is __________ (whatever the first initial of their name was), followed by three encouraging adjectives that start with that initial, ending with the statement, “Wear your name proudly.” For example, an initial B note read, “You are all that is B; Beautiful, Brilliant & Brave. Wear your name proudly!” I want to encourage women to be confident.

Before moving to San Francisco, I spent four years in Manhattan as a graphic designer for a jewelry company called Tamsen Z. In the beginning, my responsibilities were primarily operational; however, I was determined to transition to the creative side of the business. When I got the opportunity to design Tamsen Z’s advertisement for the Metropolitan Opera I jumped on it. All it took was one successful ad, some late nights teaching myself PhotoShop and InDesign, and the experience I had from graphics courses in college to make me realize this is what makes me tick.

I became Tamsen Z’s lead Graphic Designer, which put me in charge of creating all of the company’s marketing materials. I designed everything from advertisements, invitations, and window posters to social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

After working at Tamsen Z for four years, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time off to regroup before pursuing my next career move.

I'm currently freelancing and taking design courses.

I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio!